Keeping millennial patients in the fold

Every generation seems to have a certain defining characteristic or quality, and the millennial generation is no different. With this generation becoming independent consumers, we must recognize that immediate satisfaction is all they have ever known, and those expectations apply to all areas of life - including healthcare.

A recent survey of 1,000 patients, conducted by the Health Industry Distributors Association, outlined how millennials prioritize convenience, service, and cost control and are willing to change providers if these needs are not met. The survey found that "32 percent [of millennials] said they've switched providers when they were dissatisfied, 12 percentage points higher than other generations"

With millennials expecting as much from their healthcare as they expect virtually everything else, it is vital for providers to deliver this pace. openDoctor allows for patients to skip the wait and schedule their appointments in real time, online, anytime. Patients can also receive health care reminders and fill out their forms beforehand. With a generation that places such high value on instant satisfaction, openDoctor is here to provide a solution.

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