Technology for the active aging population set to grow dramatically

According to a recent article on, a new report from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) shows that US market for technology for the active aging population now encompasses 85 million Americans or more than one quarter of the national population. It further stated that over the next five years, tech products that support a proactive way of living as we age are projected to grow to a $42.7 billion market.

Technology continues to change the way we all live and interact and when it specifically serves the active aging population well, it can "dramatically improve our lives as we age." According to Gary Shapiro, CTA president and CEO.

These findings are consistent with utilization of our patient online scheduling platform. In most cases, we see the older population using our technology at the same rate or higher than other age groups, especially when it comes to booking more involved appointments, like diagnostic imaging.

openDoctor is working to bridge the gap between complex scheduling environments of healthcare organizations and a consumer-friendly online experience for all appointment types.

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