Top 5 reasons digital self-scheduling is here to stay

openDoctor can help you move away from traditional scheduling practices and improve both operational efficiency and the patient experience. Here are some top reasons to stop scheduling the analog way:

  • 1) Schedule online, increase accuracy and efficiency
    openDoctor takes the knowledge of your scheduling staff and automates it in real-time, down to the resource level.

    The result is a scheduling process that is not only more convenient for patients, but faster and more accurate, too.

  • 2) A better experience for 100% of your patients
    All patients can start receiving electronic appointment reminders and have the opportunity to fill out smart forms online, regardless of how they booked their appointment.

    openDoctor interfaces with your existing systems to give patients a seamless experience.

  • 3) Referral management
    With a real-time solution, you can avoid time consuming phone calls back and fourth and remove duplications in the referral process.

    An online appointment can be scheduled by a patient or referring provider in about a minute.

  • 4) Online registration, tailored to your practice
    You can dramatically reduce your paper use by bringing your customized registration process online.

    Patients can fill out forms at their pace and convenience, which will reduce their wait time upon arrival.

  • 5) Flexibility and control
    We know your scheduling rules can change frequently and vary by referring provider.

    You are still in control of the scheduling process from start to finish.

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